All-on-4 Dental Implants in Rocklin, CA

Romantic couple smiling and cuddling on a sunny dayIf any dentist has ever said that you are not a good prospect for implants or a full mouth restoration, then the All-on-4® technology is specifically founded for you! A serious challenge experienced by many men and women is that they have no teeth or very poor teeth due to jawbone decay. The only way you can attach implants is with considerable solid bone! Now the Yuba City Dentistry Group gives you a real resolution to this problem.

Why Use All-on-4®?

All-on-4® presents a variety of advantages not found with conventional dental implants therapies. For example, All-on-4® is:

  • Lesser Budget — 50% of the budget of implants usually comes from the need for bone grafting. Eliminating jawbone grafts decreases the budget of the All-on-4® treatment.
  • Heightened Grade — If you do not undergo jawbone grafts, you require better dental implants that can still attach tightly to remaining bone. All-on-4® dental implants were specially made for this task.
  • Minimal Time — All-on-4® eliminates the recovery time involved for bone grafts and quickly provides a working, good connection to the jawbones for most patients.
  • Superior Attractiveness — By placing teeth on the same day of the procedure, All-on-4® begins rebuilding patient self-confidence immediately!


Using All-on-4® lets more men and women take advantage of the life-changing benefits of dental implants. And to provide more trust, the entire All-on-4® product line is made by Nobel Biocare, a Scandinavian company that was the initial company to market implants for use around the world.

The All-on-4® Procedure

What Are Your Goals?

Only 4 dental implants are necessary to replace the teeth on the mandibular and maxillary arch of the jawbone, thus the name All-on-4®. At your initial consultation for All-on-4®, our Rocklin doctor gets to know your goals. For example, do you prefer permanently secured artificial teeth, or the style that snap-on and off the dental implants? What color and appearance would you want for the teeth? What is your medical background and how will it affect your treatment? Are you applying All-on-4® for both the upper and lower arch, or just one?

Choosing Dental Implant Installation

After determining your objectives, we then progress to the question of where to place your implants. Placing dental implants is meticulous work. Our doctor needs to know exactly how much bone you have and where the bones are toughest. The location and length of the dental implants are determined by taking x-rays and scans of the oral cavity and the surrounding jawbone system. All-on-4® provides different sizes and designs of dental implants based on your personal requirements.

How to Create the Right Smile

We also look at your smile. Absolute satisfaction is our focus, and that means developing a useful implant that works correctly and looks impressive to you and others! Based on the shape of your lower and upper jaws, the manner in which you smile, and the ideal length of your gums and teeth, some cosmetic modifications on your gums may be needed during the procedure.

Placing the Dental Implants

After finishing our complete planning process, we bring you back to the office for the attachment of your implants. Any cosmetic alterations to the gums are also performed at this time. The dental implants are tested at the time of placement. If they can bear the anticipated tension from chewing, we apply a set of “healing dentures” on the implants. These are fixed, transitional dentures that limit the forces placed on your dental implants.

Attaching the Permanent Dentures

After a healing period of 2-3 months, the implants have merged with your jawbone and can sustain the forces produced by chewing with standard dentures. Throughout that time, your tailored dentures were produced conforming to your specifications. When you return, we detach the healing dentures and affix the permanent dentures. If they are the removable kind, we make sure you can take them off effortlessly before leaving our practice.

With your brand new, complete group of teeth, you can return to experiencing the diet you like, to communicating normally, to singing, and to smiling with self-confidence! The implants strengthen your jaw and protect the remaining bone. Your self-confidence and appearance improve, and an essential part of your life seems normal again!

For more information about how All-on-4® can benefit you, please contact us at the Yuba City Dentistry Group.

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