Dental veneers are the simple way to repair imperfections in your teeth. If your teeth are stained, spaced far apart, worn or chipped, veneers may be the best treatment for improving your smile. Our Yuba City dentists are prepared to discuss the value of veneers for cosmetic treatment of common dental problems and to install traditional porcelain veneers or the newer slim veneers crafted with advanced materials.

Why Veneers?

Stained Teeth — sometimes teeth develop stains that not even tooth whiteners can successfully remove.  The color of teeth also varies from person to person, and you may simply want a whiter shade of teeth than tooth whitening can provide. The solution for providing the “perfectly white” smile is often veneers.

Chips and Wear — Small amounts of damage to the teeth are easily covered up with veneers. The addition of veneers to the front surface of your tooth also helps to protect the enamel that remains from further damage, providing additional integrity to the teeth.

Gaps Between Teeth – Although orthodontics are often the best solution for problems with crooked teeth or large gaps between them, veneers are also an accepted treatment for minor issues with spacing and alignment that a patient considers unsightly. A layer of veneers creates a beautiful appearance without the delay of orthodontics and gives you the smile you’re after with just a couple of office visits.

How You Get Veneers

First you need to consult with one of our Yuba City dentists to determine if your smile is a candidate for improvement with veneers. Then, discuss what you expect out of the final result. Decide on traditional porcelain veneers or opt for super-thin veneers that require less preparation of the teeth. After careful measurements and impressions are made of your existing teeth, the veneers are prepared by a dental lab to fit your mouth exactly. You return for placement of the veneers and walk out with a fabulous smile!

To learn more about the differences between the types of veneers and how to care for veneers, continue reading in this section of the Yuba City Dentistry Group website.

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