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Emergency Dentistry

When You Need Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental care is required when one of the following circumstances happen:

  • A tooth is cracked or dislodged by trauma, accident or eating;
  • Extremely painful tooth ache;
  • A cracked or dislodged dental restoration.

Left untreated, all of these complications can lead to tooth extraction and emergency room visits for pain. Any medical doctor will inform you, however, that the best professional for dental problems is a dentist! If you are experiencing an emergency dental situation near Yuba City, the Yuba City Dentistry Group is ready to assist you.

Come Immediately!

Come to our office at 1052 Live Oak Blvd. in Yuba City immediately if you suffer any of the above problems. Telephone ahead at (530) 671-4784 so we can prepare for your visit. We put you first in line to see one of our Yuba City dentists.

Severe Tooth Ache

A sore tooth is caused by one of many different problems. If a visual exam or intraoral photography does not uncover the immediate problem, x-rays will investigate deeper causes. The source of tooth ache may include:

  • Problematic tooth decay, infecting the roots;
  • Bacterial invasion, forming an abscess;
  • Oral cysts, tumors or other abnormalities.

Our examination uncovers the issue and we proceed to the resolution. Toothaches do not go away by themselves or by taking painkillers. Fixing the source of the pain ends your problem.

Broken Teeth and Dental Appliances

If your tooth, crown, bridge, implant or other restoration has loosened or become dislodged, save the pieces, if possible, and come to our Yuba City office immediately. Before you arrive, take the following steps:

  1. Clean the tooth or restoration carefully using whatever means are available, preferably water, saliva or the classic milk.
  2. Put back the tooth or part where it belongs. If that’s not possible for a tooth, keep it between your cheek and gum.
  3. Bite down on a tea bag or wet towel to keep the tooth or restoration in place.
  4. Hold something cold to your cheek to keep down any swelling.
  5. Alert our dental office at (530) 671-4784 and immediately come to our dentist.

Keeping your tooth and your senses is possible with emergency dental service at our nearby Yuba City office. We are prepared to fix your problems and send you back to your standard life with emergency dentistry from the Yuba City Dentistry Group!

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I had two root canals done and the only pain I felt was the numbing shot. Very good job no pain what so ever.