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Fluoride is an important part of a healthy oral hygiene regimen.

How Eating Disorders Influence Oral Health

Eating disorders are a health and wellness concern for all fields of the medical profession, out of concern for the people affected by these problems. Besides unhealthy weight loss and the damage it causes, these disorders also harm the teeth and gums. What are some...

First Dental Exam is offered by our Yuba City family dentist

What Your Saliva Says About You

A blood test reveals a wealth of information about the status of our health, but did you know your saliva can do the same? Saliva is called “the mirror of the body” by the American Dental Association, and for good reason. Many different types of...

Impacted Canine

Invisalign Day at Yuba City Dentistry Group

Celebrate spring and warmer weather by getting the smile you've always wanted! It's Invisalign day at the Yuba City Dentistry Group! What is Invisalign Day and why is our Yuba City family dentist so excited to tell you about it? Special Invisalign Promotion for Yuba City...

Dental Sealants

When Baby Teeth Don’t Fall Out

Sometimes adults retain their baby teeth. Although the problem is uncommon, you may actually know someone with a full mouth of teeth, but one or more little ones in between teeth of regular adult size. Most of us start to lose our baby teeth around...

Causes of Toothaches

Lost a Crown or Filling?

Dental crowns and fillings are made to last a long time, but sometimes they fail, causing a surprising and stressful situation. If this happens, our Yuba City dentist is available to replace dental restorations, but it's not always an emergency. What should you do if...

Allergies can mask the pain of toothache.

Teeth and Allergies

Despite the occasional colder temperatures we've experienced lately in the Yuba City area, spring is here. The trees are blooming and seasonal allergies are kicking in. Did you know that allergies can impact dental health?All that nose blowing due to sinus irritation may cause pain...

Getting older doesn't have to mean you lose your teeth.

Dentures and Sleep Apnea

Modern dentures are better! Traditional dentures rely on a good fit, practice and sometimes denture adhesive to stay attached. So a long-standing problem with older dentures is when they fall out and create embarrassing situations. With current dental technology, the Yuba City Dentistry Group has...

Spring time brings flowers and the opportunity for spring cleaning of dental supplies.

Spring Into a Healthy Mouth!

It's hard to believe that it's happening already, but the Sacramento Valley is warming up to spring. Besides the balmy temperatures, your allergies might be blooming along with the almond trees. With the change in seasons, many also have spring cleaning on their list. How...

Advanced Tooth Whitening

What Your Teeth Say About You

Your teeth say a lot about you and our Yuba City family dentist is an expert when it comes to understanding what they say. What do your teeth say about you when it's exam time? Dental Habits – Good and Bad A lot of habits affect our...

Implant Bridges

Give Your Mouth Some Love

Love is on the minds of many this month. Whether or not you have a special someone to share February with, how can you show your mouth some love and give it the extra attention it deserves? The Yuba City Dentistry Group cares about the...