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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Benefits of Dental X-rays

Taking oral x-rays helps our Yuba City dentist see inside your mouth, jaws and teeth to diagnose problems, prevent disease and assess bone health. Annually our dental professionals plan to take x-rays of our patients as part of a regular exam and cleaning. This helps...

Toothpaste is an essential part of a healthy oral regimen.

Signs You Brush Too Hard

Our teeth and gums need to be brushed and flossed twice a day using a soft bristle brush. It’s ideal to brush and floss after eating all meals and snacks, but many people aren’t in a position to do that, so twice a day is...

A stack of bills and a dental instrument represent the costs of dental care.

Invest in Your Smile

To have a healthy mouth and bright smile, it is best to see our Yuba City dentist twice a year for an exam and cleaning. Taking this simple measure to protect your teeth and gums saves you money, because our dental staff spots potential problems...

Learn the truth about toothache and tooth loss.

Acid Reflux and Teeth

The Yuba City Dentistry Group may know you have acid reflux or GERD before you do. Do you wake up every now and then with a painful and burning sensation in your chest or a bad taste in your mouth? Then you may have heartburn...

OAT with Implants

Yuba City’s Solution For Missing Teeth

Tooth loss is an unfortunate problem affecting many people. In fact, the average American adult loses three or more teeth by 64 years of age. Our Yuba City dentists have a solution for tooth loss, based on your individual needs. Replacing missing teeth makes it...

Sedation Dentistry

Caring for Our Yuba City and Marysville Patients

You want to look and feel your best and the Yuba City Dentistry Group is here to play a part in accomplishing that goal for you and your family. What are some common concerns of our patients and how do our dentists help them maintain...

Preventing Gum Disease

National Dental Hygiene Month in October

October is National Dental Hygiene month and the Yuba City Dental Group is proud to help our patients have the best oral health possible during this month and on every day of the year. Since candy consumption peaks at the end of October and the...

Caring for Dentures

How To Control Plaque And Tartar

How do you prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease? By keeping plaque and tartar in check! With regular oral care it is easy to make sure plaque and tartar do not build up, preventing gum disease from ever starting. What's the Difference Between Plaque and Tartar? Many people...

Biting Nails

Avoid These Habits to Keep Your Teeth

The Yuba City Dentistry Group has a few tips to help our patients maintain oral health and strong teeth for life. Besides visiting us semi-annually for an oral exam and cleaning, and brushing and flossing twice daily, there are other things you can do to...

Good school lunches are good for the teeth, according to our Yuba City dentist.

School Lunch Tips For Healthy Teeth

Throughout Yuba City and Marysville, children are back to school. It can take a little while to get into the school routine and sometimes parents worry about packing lunches. How do you keep children happy with their lunch, but healthy at the same time? Here...