Brushing Your Teeth Has Benefits
Many people live in a way that values microwave ovens over stovetops. Others don’t have the time to make a lunch or even go out for a  midday meal, so they have it delivered to the office. Some risk a red

There’s no denying the benefits of a great smile! It can brighten a room, impress a date, seal a job interview, calm a nervous heart, and even improve your health. As with the rest of the human body, your smile requires regular attention to maintain.

Despite entertaining stories and endeavors to the contrary, not a single living human can avoid aging and its effects. As a result, many circumstances like receding hairlines or sore muscles are summarily chalked up to getting old. This happens in the dental field too, with

One item in the arsenal of oral hygiene products is the ultraviolet light sanitation device, or UV light. The manufacturers of these devices say that cleaning your toothbrush with a UV light is the best way to keep it, and you, safe from microorganisms, viruses,

Back in 1945, workers in Grand Rapids, Michigan added powdered sodium fluoride into the city’s water supply. This was a federally-sanctioned trial to determine the dental benefits of fluoride. A year beforehand, the teeth of local schoolchildren were examined as a baseline. As the trial

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” That phrase started out as a marketing slogan for breakfast cereals in the mid-nineteenth century, and since then has become something of a cliché. Nevertheless, it is true that dietary research shows significant medical benefits to

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