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Advanced Tooth Whitening

What Your Teeth Say About You

Your teeth say a lot about you and our Yuba City family dentist is an expert when it comes to understanding what they say. What do your teeth say about you when it's exam time? Dental Habits – Good and Bad A lot of habits affect our...

Implant Bridges

Give Your Mouth Some Love

Love is on the minds of many this month. Whether or not you have a special someone to share February with, how can you show your mouth some love and give it the extra attention it deserves? The Yuba City Dentistry Group cares about the...

Conventional or Immediate Dentures

Your Heart and Your Teeth

Scientific research shows a link between heart disease and dental health in patients with gum disease. Gum disease also increases the risk of stroke, because oral bacteria can cause inflammation not only in the gums, but also in blood vessels. By avoiding the risk and...

Healthy Teeth for Your Whole Family

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

“Defeat Monster Mouth” is the theme for Children's Dental Health Month, sponsored by the American Dental Association (ADA). The Yuba City Dentistry Group supports the ADA's goal for all children to have quality dental health by educating them early about the benefits of taking care...

Dental drills are useful tools for our Yuba City dentist.

Dental Drill Appreciation Day

Believe it or not, January 26th is Dental Drill Appreciation Day. For many, the idea of appreciating a dental drill is unbelievable. Nevertheless, as a nod to this day, the Yuba City Dentistry Group shares some fun facts about this valuable, yet sometimes dreaded, tool. Drilling...

Diabetes, a disorder affecting blood sugar levels, increases the severity of gum disease, and vice versa.

Be Sweet On Your Teeth, Not on Sugar!

Sugar — it's delicious, sweet and some would even say “toothsome,” because it makes foods taste good, yet beware! Sweet treats may taste divine, but the results can create a lot of grief! How can you save your teeth from the disastrous effects of sugar...

Preventing Gum Disease

The Best Way To Brush and Floss

Let's get back to the basics and discuss the best way to brush and floss your teeth. Daily oral care at home is the foundation for a healthy mouth. With a good routine, it's possible to keep your teeth for life! How to Brush First, select a...

Orthodontics or Veneers

Overcome Dental Anxiety

Many of our Yuba City and Marysville dental patients experience some form of dental anxiety and this is completely normal. However, some patients put off dental care reasoning, “No pain, no problem.” Is this really true when it comes to dental care?While it's true that...

Biting Nails

Nail Biting and Oral Health

People of all ages bite their nails and it's a hard habit to break. While nail biting is more common in children, adults also struggle to avoid this stress-relieving habit. How does nail biting affect your oral health? Perils of Nail Biting The Academy of General Dentistry...

Temporary Crowns

Crowns Protect Teeth

It's possible for teeth to last a lifetime, but sometimes teeth may weaken, fracture, or become severely discolored, often due to simply wearing out. If the damage required a root canal procedure to repair, our Yuba City dentist recommends a crown to protect the treated...