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The Yuba City Dentistry Group is a full service, family dentistry provider. By serving you as a dental group, we combine the talents of more than one dentist to present our clients with multiple treatment options, all at one location. Through experience, training and continuing education, the Yuba City Dentistry Group handles many therapies that are unavailable elsewhere. The following is a summary of our offerings:

Cosmetic Dentistry

From the simple tooth whitening to the precision installation of veneers, our cosmetic dentistry offerings promise you a better, whiter smile without imperfections.

Restoration Dentistry

When your teeth suffer damage, fast repair is the key to saving them. If a tooth is lost, replacing it as effectively as possible is the goal of restoration dentistry. Our full service dental office offers everything in restoration dentistry from fillings to dental implants. Every technique and procedure we provide is confirmed effective so that you benefit from early action to preserve your dental health.

Preventive Dentistry

Preventing tooth decay and dental disease is the goal of preventive dentistry. At the base level, these procedures provide your oral exam and dental cleaning. If you have trouble with gum disease, our dentists and hygienists increase the level of care to eliminate this problematic bacterial infection. Diligently treating gum disease does more than protect your teeth. Scientists now realize that gum disease may be the cause of problems with diabetes, heart disease and complications during pregnancy. Our Yuba City dentists are prepared to help you keep small dental problems from mushrooming into chronic situations through regular, quality dental care.

Oral Surgery

By expanding to become a dentistry group, our Yuba City dental office now offers more procedures in oral surgery. Many young people undergo their first such procedure when they have compacted wisdom teeth removed. For more complex situations, such as signs of oral cancer, our dentists are prepared to help you remove the disease and maintain your good health.


This category of procedure involves straightening the teeth through the gradual application of force. While most people are familiar with braces, one orthodontic therapy method, the modern dentist makes liberal use of Invisalign — a far more comfortable system for improving the bite and the smile for patients of all ages.

Sleep Apnea Therapies

Further investigation into the causes of snoring and its related and more serious complication, sleep apnea, have led dentists to provide effective solutions for both of these problems. The Yuba City Dentistry Group is ready to put these technologies to work so you get a good night’s sleep.

Emergency Dental Care

When you dislodge a tooth or restoration, you need immediate dental care. Our Yuba City dentists send you to the front of the line for treatment of tooth ache, cracked, broken and otherwise traumatized teeth. Keep our office number handy for those emergency situations: 530-671-4384.

Sedation Dentistry

If fear of dentistry is high on your list of terrors, our office has the solution. Don’t wait for unbearable tooth pain or jaw discomfort to force you to the dentist. Our Yuba City dentists provide a comfortable office with the latest techniques in sleep dentistry so you are absolutely unaware of whatever procedure you need, from simple dental cleanings to advanced oral surgery.

For more information about each of these procedural areas, please visit the specific sections of our website.

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