The All-on-4 Process

The Search for Quality Jawbone

Since All-on-4 uses the best available bone in your jaw to install four dental implants, the first step is to thoroughly examine all of your facial bone. An oral exam and 3-D x-rays determine where your bone is thickest and of suitable quality. From this information, your Yuba City dentist creates an action plan detailing the type of dental implants, the expected length of the implants, and their required angle of entry. Instead of just the thick and stubby implants used in many procedures, All-on-4 also offers long, narrow implants that are angled through the bone along a nearly horizontal axis. This offers satisfactory strength for mounting dentures even when the jawbone is not very deep.

Precision Drilling and Installation

On the day of your implant procedure, the Yuba City Dentistry Group lays out all of the components needed for your new All-on-4 dentures. Four dental implants for each jaw, specifically chosen based on your unique physiology, are accompanied by four matching abutments that attach to the implants as supports for your new denture. During the pre-planned drilling process, our Yuba City dentist carefully preps each hole in your jawbone based on the previous exams and digital x-rays. Then each implant is firmly installed and secured to your jaw.

Next, the abutments are attached to each implant. These abutments hold the supports that brace your new dentures. Then, our onsite dental lab takes over to create a healing denture that matches your new jawline. Once we confirm the fit and appearance of your new teeth, the initial procedure is done and you walk out of our Yuba City dental office with a complete set of teeth.

After the Healing is Complete

Any dental implant procedure causes swelling in the jaw and gum tissues and requires a period of recovery. After this healing period is complete, you return to the Yuba City Dentistry Group to take additional digital measurements so we can create your final and permanent dentures. After these new dentures are completed by our onsite dental lab, the healing dentures are removed, the permanent dentures are attached, and you have a beautiful set of solid new teeth thanks to the All-on-4 process and your Yuba City dentist.

For more information about the All-on-4 process and our experience with the procedure, contact the Yuba City Dentistry Group.

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