Aetna Dental Insurance

There are four different Aetna dental insurance plans for businesses. Aetna offers HMO and PPO plans as well as their Indemnity Plan and Hybrid Plan. Individual Plans are no longer available in the state of California.

Aetna Dental HMO Plan

Aetna has chosen to call this plan a DMO or Dental Maintenance Organization. After a Primary Care Dentist (PCD) is assigned to you, they will care for your basic dental care with specialist referrals for non-routine care going through their office. This plan is the most economical option offered by Aetna.

Aetna Dental PPO

This plan offers its’ members flexibility to select their own dentist, with discounts in plan services if they choose a dental provider within the Aetna Dental network. Yuba City Dental Group is in the Aetna Dental PPO network and while you may pay for your premiums, you have your choice to select your own dental specialists if you require extra dental care.

Aetna Indemnity Dental Plan

Aetna DMO or Indemnity Plan is similar to self-insurance where an employer offers employees an option to cover their own dental expenses for which they are reimbursed according to the Indemnity Plan policy limits. This plan is practical for subscribers who do not want their dentist selected by Aetna, while still having all the benefits of the Aetna DMO plan.

Aetna Dental Hybrid Plan

The Hybrid Plan is another option for employers. With this plan, employers may offer either the Aetna DMO or the Aetna PPO dental insurance plans, allowing employees with their own dentist to select the PPO option and employees without a preferred dentist to select the less expensive DMO plan.

Aetna has one of the largest selections of dental insurance plans for business owners offering healthcare benefits. The Yuba City Dental Group recommends the PPO insurance method, but Aetna’s selections mean employers are more likely to find a match for their specific needs with Aetna.

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