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Premier Access Dental Insurance

Sacramento based insurer Premier Access provides health and dental insurance across the United States. The Yuba City Dental Group accepts their workplace insurance using the PPO option and coverage, as well as PPO plans offered through Covered California (part of the Affordable Care Act). With a PPO, employees select their own Yuba City dentist, with additional cost savings if they choose from within the Premier Access network. To your benefit, the Yuba City Dental Group is part of the Premier network.

Premier Access Covered California

This dental insurance is accepted at the Yuba City Dental Group if you have chosen a PPO plan. Under the PPO plan, you pay a specific percentage of the cost of services provided. There are high and low options, depending on the level of coverage that you desire.
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My wife just went through full mouth restoration for an all dental implants. They were loving, kind, intelligent the teeth, look amazing for 15 years she...