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Principal Dental Insurance

The Yuba City Dentistry Group accepts the Principal Dental Insurance PPO plan. Exact coverages can vary by employer.

Principal PPO Dental Insurance

Principal’s PPO dental plan provides an in-network discount for patients who select their dentists within the Principal network. As with other PPOs, you have the freedom to choose any dentist, but you receive the maximum benefits and discounts when you select the Principal with network dentists at the Yuba City Dentistry Group.

Maximum Benefit Accumulation

The Principal PPO also has “maximum accumulation of benefits,” allowing patients to carry over a portion of unused benefits to next year’s benefit amount. Qualifying patients must have a dental service performed within the calendar year and use less than the maximum amount allowed according to their individual plan. Annual visits to the Yuba City Dentistry Group are better than none, but you will still qualify for “maximum benefits accumulation” if you visit our Yuba City dentists twice a year to give you the best preventive dental care possible.

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The second I walked in I felt very comfortable, It's a big start to what is about to be life changing for me. The Dr here is amazing and comforting and I am very excited to see my results at the end.Said it before and I stick by it even after 5 months of coming here . Such a great experience.