Oral Cysts

Oral CystsAn oral cyst is an abnormal sac of tissue that forms inside or around the mouth. This tissue looks and feels like a bump, and may hold either fluid or soft material inside. Oral cysts may be found under the skin of the lip, cheek, gums, among other areas. At times, they may form next to teeth. In this case they are generally referred to as dental cysts.

Signs and Symptoms

There are many different types of oral cysts, and they may appear in various places in the mouth. They may also be found in the jaw, salivary glands, and other parts of the head and neck.

If you have an oral cyst, you may notice one or more of the following:

  • A small painless bump (or bumps), typically measuring under an inch across.
  • If a cyst develops as a result of infection in the tooth pulp or nerve, it may become painful.
  • Some cysts grow large enough to move teeth and affect the bite.
  • Certain cysts may cause inflammation, infection, and pain in the jaw.
  • If the cyst has replaced bony tissue, it may make the jaw more likely to break.


Although there is no way to prevent certain types of cysts from forming, they can be managed effectively through treatment.

Depending on the size, location and type of cyst, your dentist may want to remove part or all of it through surgery. If the cyst is small and found near the end of a dead tooth root, treatment of the root may allow for the cyst to begin to slowly repair itself. Antibiotics may also be prescribed to remove any infection.

If you suspect a cyst in your mouth, tell your Yuba City Dentist and he or she can examine it and provide an accurate diagnosis, as well as indicate the next steps. Contact us today to schedule an exam.

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