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Invisalign Checkups

InvisalignInvisalign therapy requires you to visit the Yuba City dental practice of the Yuba City Dentistry Group only occasionally (every six weeks) to check your orthodontic improvements. During these check-ups we usually compare your new appearance with images from prior check-ups. Some dental procedures might be required during these check-ups, which is common for any type of orthodontic treatment. Nevertheless, you have far fewer visits than with ordinary braces, which typically require every other week in-office adjustments. Instead of you coming to our dentists every fourteen days, Invisalign sends you new aligners every two weeks, amending the aligner plan, when required, using our Yuba City dentist’s experience and counsel.

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I cannot recommend Dr Cheema and Yuba City Dentistry enough. I had the pleasure of hosting Dr Cheema at my advanced digital implant course and I have to say I am impressed by his knowledge and commitment to excellence. If you are within 6 hours of his office, run, don’t walk to Dr Cheema and his team. I’ve trained docs from all over the US and they are top notch. Go team Cheema!