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Common Invisalign TreatmentThe Invisalign treatment process used by the Yuba City Dentistry Group fixes a majority of the common orthodontic difficulties faced by customers. The final result is excellent improvement in your smile and advantages for the jaw, gums and teeth. Plus, with Invisalign’s digital technology, the Yuba City Dentistry Group provides a “before and after” view of your teeth to help you find out if the benefits of the treatment are best for you.

Typical Malocclusions Cured by Invisalign

Crowded Teeth

This is a condition growing more common as jawbones are generally growing less at this time than in the past. Whether it’s due to insufficient time breastfeeding or genetic factors, the facts are that for many people there’s just not enough space in the mouth for a full set of teeth. This difficulty tends to get worse over time and not better. Crowded teeth are unfortunately twisted or tilted so that they serve little purpose other than harboring oral bacteria, fostering tooth decay and promoting gum disease. It is generally the most unsightly of the various difficulties mentioned here and likely to foment serious dental issues later in life. Therapy may involve removing one or more teeth in addition to using Invisalign. Often, it is possible to save all the teeth using ordinary Invisalign techniques to increase the arch width while performing IPR (Inter-Proximal Reduction).


Overbite is present when the upper teeth overextend past the lower teeth. The upper teeth might also protrude or “stick out” past them (commonly called “buck teeth”). In severe cases, overbite allows the lower teeth to contact the roof of the mouth, leading to severe difficulties and pain. It might make chewing painful, lead to excess enamel wear, especially on the inside of the upper front teeth, and commonly causes oral injuries in sports.


Whenever the lower and upper jaws do not line up correctly, crossbite occurs. The amount of deviation is measured by comparing the middle of the upper front teeth to the middle of the lower front teeth. A significant offset creates excessive wear on the teeth. Even tooth chipping is an unfortunate consequence of crossbite. Crossbite is also a precursor to developing temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ).


An unusual difficulty is underbite, generally caused by a small upper jaw or a very large lower jaw. Besides excessive tooth wear, underbite is another malocclusion that generally leads to temporomandibular joint dysfunction. If the underbite is serious, oral surgery may be required in addition to applying Invisalign treatment.

Spaced Teeth

Excessive maturation of the jawbones, unusually small teeth or tooth loss might lead to large areas (referred to as “diastemas”) between the teeth. Without regular cleaning, excessive spaces can lead to gum problems and periodontal disease. Why is this? While the gums protect the teeth, the reverse is also true and large areas between teeth produce easy entry spots for bacterial microorganisms. Although that’s a very good reason to fix gapped teeth, many folks, correct this difficulty simply because they want a classic smile.

It is absolutely possible that you have a difficulty not noted here or a collection of these difficulties. Feel free to ask for a consultation with one of our Yuba City dentists to talk about whether Invisalign can aid you.

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The dentist is amazing. He had so much patience with my grandson. He has severe anxiety when it comes to the dentist. Doctor made him feel at ease to do the procedure. He was so kind and talked him through it! I appreciate it so much. Everyone was nice and I will be taking him back for all his dental work. Thanks so much, Julie