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Completing TreatmentThe Invisalign treatments necessitate about twelve months or less if you are an adult, and usually additional time if you are a teenager. Invisalign operates effectively if you regularly employ the aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours per day. At the completion of your Invisalign program, your Yuba City dentist detaches your aligner attachments and notes the “final outcome.”

A retainer is necessary to maintain your advantages. At a prior visit you and your dentist agree on the right style for you. It will either “retain” the transparent advantages of Invisalign treatments, mount behind your teeth, or be attached only at night while you sleep. Whatever your end decision, you get the retainer at this concluding visit and when you are done, you walk out of our Yuba City dentistry office with a considerably finer smile!

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The staff is amazing. I have a great fear of the dentist and everybody helped to make my experience as comfortable as possible.