Treatment Guidelines

InvisalignThe aligners utilized with Invisalign are effortlessly taken out. This lets you consume your daily foods without restrictions. You can also brush and floss your teeth for dental health and oral hygiene. When you brush, you should clean the aligners, either with a special kit or by simply brushing them and rinsing with lukewarm water.

Invisalign aligners should be taken out whenever engaged in activities that require a mouthguard. Although they look a lot like a mouthguard, this is not their role. Whenever the sporting activity is finished, you can place your aligner (or aligners) back in.

While Invisalign is removable, for the method to be effective, you must use the aligners for twenty to twenty-two hours each and every day. Failure to comply with this advice will probably frustrate your treatment progress.

You get new aligners each and every two weeks. These are utilized in place of the previous aligners. Save the previous aligners, however, in the event that you lose your new aligners. If this happens, notify your Yuba City dentist and continue using the previous aligners until you get new, replacement aligners. If your next set is due to arrive soon, you may be able to simply begin using them instead. Again, if you lose any aligners, it’s always best to check with your dentist to determine how best to proceed. Some Invisalign plans offer a certain number of free replacements, so you should take advantage of this service, and our expertise, if possible.

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