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InvisalignWhenever the Invisalign therapy plan is finished, your Yuba City dentist orders a group of custom, transparent aligners. Developed for each patient individually, aligners are tailored by employing BPA-free plastics. Their forward-thinking design preempts irritation of the soft tissues.

The patient returns when the first set of aligners arrives at our Yuba City dental office. A group of tiny, smooth, molded aligner attachments are affixed to the front and back of a few specific teeth. These attachments keep the aligners in place and enable the gentle force of the Invisalign treatment to alter your teeth for the better. Like the aligners, the attachments are very hard to see and should not irritate your soft tissues.

The dentist demonstrates how to attach and take out the aligners and gives the patient two containers: one for a new pair and a former pair. New aligners arrive at the patient’s address each and every two weeks. Clients wear the aligners throughout the day, for at least 20 to 22 hours, taking them off for cleaning, eating or special occasions.

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Love the overall vibe of this place. They made me feel welcome and valued on my very first visit. Took a little longer than expected but only because of Wi-Fi issues. Recommend!