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Invisalign for Adults

Make an Investment in Your Smile

InvisalignA basic piece of advice at the Yuba City Dentistry Group is that investing in your oral health saves you cash now and prevents pain in the future. Fixing crooked and misaligned teeth leads to much better dental well-being and esteem. Also, superb orthodontic well-being now can be guaranteed without the braces you feared as a young person.

As an adult, though, you have greater responsibilities and demands on your time. Fortunately, the time-saving benefits for adults with Invisalign are generally much appreciated by our clients. Also, you’ve learned by now that healthy teeth are more essential than you knew as a young person. That makes the Invisalign investment something you look forward to, instead of dread.

Therefore, here are select benefits of Invisalign for Adults:

  • Time — Invisalign requires less office visits and is absolutely more “user-friendly” than traditional orthodontics. That means less time from work and minimal effect on your life. The aligners are simple to clean, especially in comparison to braces.
  • Cost — You pay for everything these days, not your parents. Our Yuba City dentists offer financing from our dentistry practice for all dental treatments. Depending on your dental insurer and the specific treatment, use of Invisalign may be covered completely or partially. FSAs or Flexible Spending Accounts can also be applied to the costs, saving you money on your tax bill.
  • Appearance – Invisalign saves you from a mouth crowded with wires, metal and bulky attachments and is quickly taken out for big occasions. This is a blessing for careers necessitating lots of face time meeting with other people. And speaking of appearances, Invisalign is a favored choice of many brides wanting the perfect smile (and kiss) for their wedding day!

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I started going to Yuba City Dentistry almost three months ago, i have had a amazing and wonderful experience with this group, the staff is exceptional, and Dr. Chema listened to you. He cares about you, he wants you to come back if you have problems. Not just sit at home and suffer. My time with him is almost over and i will miss him greatly. So if you need a great Dentist go to him. he cares....thank you Judy/ Julia frymyer.