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Why Not Braces?

Invisalign and Braces Compared

InvisalignAn outstanding question may be: why would you employ braces if you can employ Invisalign? This modern technique of treating orthodontic difficulties is our Yuba City dentists’ first selection for treating problem teeth and it should be your first selection too. Here’s a list of advantages that are differences about Invisalign compared to braces:

  • Braces were designed two centuries ago, but Invisalign is a 21st Century aligner technology.
  • Invisalign dental restoration never requires you to put metal in the mouth.
  • Invisalign uses nothing that pokes or slashes the cheeks, lips and gums.
  • Invisalign is exactly like its name – almost invisible.
  • You remove Invisalign each and every day to eat and care for the teeth.
  • Eat whatever you want if you use Invisalign! Limit your eating choices if you use braces.
  • Keep the teeth brighter with the dental floss of your choice!
  • Spend less time in the dental office and more time enjoying life!

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Had 3 of my wisdom teeth taken out in March 2022. The whole procedure was pleasant - I went in scared, but there was nothing to fear in the end. I was given the correct post-op instructions and healed within days. Sabrina takes care of my routine cleaning now. She is very attentive and sweet during my visits - thanks to her I have managed to get over my fear of dentist visits.