Cleaning Your Mouthguard

Cleaning Your MouthguardMouthguards, like teeth, must be cleaned regularly. You may brush them, just as you would your teeth, after each and every use. They may also be rinsed (not soaked) with mouthwash. You may also clean them with sudsy water. You may do the same with a mild bleach solution, hydrogen peroxide or ordinary denture cleanser. Again, note that you should only rinse your mouthguard with these substances, not soak them during the day. Soaking in cleaners can ruin the resins in your mouthguard. Always finish your cleaning by rinsing with ordinary water.

If you don’t clean your mouthguard each and every day, you risk introducing debilitating dental bacteria into your mouth. Our Yuba City dentists suggest that you clean your mouthguard after each and every use.

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