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Dental floss is part of a good oral health regimen.

Is Flossing Important?

Flossing is something we all know we should do, but actually doing it is another thing. Is flossing necessary? Many dental patients may think it's sufficient to brush their teeth daily and use mouthwash. Others only floss when they have something stuck between their teeth....

Gummy vitamins may be tasty, but they usually contain just as much sugar as candy!

The Dark Side of Gummy Vitamins

What Makes Them So Tasty? Making sure your children stay healthy is very important for parents. You may worry about their diet, so gummy vitamins are a popular choice for supplementing what a child eats. But there’s a dark side to these gummies that may include...

How to Floss-Technique

To Floss or Not?

Major news outlets, like CNN, reported recently on the USDA dropping it’s recommendation to floss daily. But our Yuba City dentists and hygienists still strongly advise patients that daily flossing is essential for good oral health. So why did the government drop flossing for Americans...