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Weeding is Like Brushing

What Happens If We Skip Brushing?

Brush for two minutes twice a day, every day, for the rest of your life. For some people, it doesn’t seem that important. For others, they miss brushing a few times and get out of the habit. Many stick to this routine religiously. The question...

Gum Disease Description

Root Cavities and Gum Disease

Many of our Yuba City dental patients unfortunately have gum disease. This problem is not just limited to our practice and clients, for it is a common problem throughout the United States. This poses definite difficulties because gum disease leads to gum recession, and gum...

Diabetes, a disorder affecting blood sugar levels, increases the severity of gum disease, and vice versa.

The Diabetes and Gum Disease Cycle

Diabetes is an increasingly common disease in the U.S. and each year more patients are diagnosed. Many of our dental patients are diabetics and the Yuba City Dentistry Group wants you to know that there is another dangerous dental side effect to diabetes. Since the...