All-on-4 Dental Implants in Sacramento, CA

Romantic couple smiling and cuddling on a sunny dayIf a doctor has previously informed you that you may not be an ideal candidate for dental implants or a full mouth rehabilitation, rest assured that the All-on-4® aligner technology has been tailor-made for individuals in your situation. Many individuals find themselves in a persistent dilemma where they have either lost their teeth or have severely compromised teeth due to jawbone loss. The challenge lies in the fact that substantial jawbone quality is typically required for dental implant placement. Now, thanks to the Yuba City Dentistry Group, there is a proven solution to address this issue.

Why Use All-on-4®?

All-on-4® offers a number of advantages not provided with conventional dental implants treatment. For example, All-on-4® is:

  • Heightened Quality — The dental implants employed with All-on-4® are specifically created for customers with less bone.
  • Lesser Cost — 50% of the budget for dental implants comes from the need for bone grafts. Eliminating jawbone grafts while securely using other bone reduces expense.
  • Minimal Time — Bone grafts must recuperate and solidify before implant procedures can start, extending the time from start to finish. With All-on-4®, no bone grafts are required.
  • Finer Esthetics — Many patients are ready to leave our clinic with their first set of “healing dentures” on the day we attach their implants.

Utilizing All-on-4® lets more men and women benefit from the life-altering advantages of implants. And to have more weight, the entire All-on-4® product line is produced by Nobel Biocare, a Scandinavian company that was the initial to market dental implants for use around the Earth.

The All-on-4® Treatment

What Are Your Goals?

Only four dental implants are needed to substitute for the teeth on the upper and lower curve of the jawbone, therefore the name All-on-4®. At your first consult for All-on-4®, our Sacramento dentist explains your desires. For example, do you prefer permanently secured artificial teeth, or the form that snap-on and off the implants? What appearance and color would you need for the teeth? What is your medical history and how will it affect your procedure? Are you employing All-on-4® for both the mandibular and maxillary arch, or just one?

Where to Attach Your Dental Implants?

After discussing your plans, we then lead to the consideration of where to locate your dental implants. Placing dental implants is exact work. Our dentist needs to understand exactly how much bone you have and where the bones are toughest. The length and location of the implants are determined by taking scans and x-rays of the oral cavity and the surrounding jawbone structure. All-on-4® offers various sizes of dental implants and designs of dental prosthetics based on your specific needs.

The All-on-4® Implant Process

We also consider your smile. Complete satisfaction is our aim, and that means building a useful dental implant that works correctly and looks terrific to you and others! Based on the structure of your jaws, the way you smile, and the ideal length of your teeth and gums, some cosmetic revisions on your gums may be involved during the treatment.

Attaching the Dental Implants

After finishing our thorough planning process, we bring you back to the office for the attachment of your dental implants. Any cosmetic adjustments to the gums are also done at this time. The implants are tested at the time of installation. If they can hold the expected force from chewing, we apply a set of “healing dentures” on the implants. These are secured, transitional dentures that minimize the forces placed on your dental implants.

Placing the Dental Implants

After a healing period of 2-3 months, the implants have merged with your jawbone and can sustain the forces created by eating with standard dentures. Over that time, your fitted dentures were produced conforming to your specifications. When you return, we detach the healing dentures and install the long-term dentures. If they are the detachable kind, we make certain you can remove them quickly before leaving our clinic.

With your brand new, complete set of teeth, you can return to eating the meals you like, to speaking normally, to singing, and to laughing with confidence! The dental implants strengthen your jaw and maintain the remaining bone. Your appearance and self-confidence improve, and an essential part of your life is comfortable and enjoyable again!

For more information about the All-on-4® method for full mouth restoration, contact Yuba City Dentistry Group.

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A great experience I went in for the first time with some major tooth pain and was needing a root canal and crown work done and the Dr there was very professional explained what I was needed to be done accurately overall great work was done looking forward to if I should have any dental problems again in the future knowing I will be taken care of fine and the staff is very friendly and professional