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Ideas for a More Pleasant Dental Appointment

Our Yuba City family dental clinic does our best to impress our clients with the best service possible. Therefore, we strive for an exceptionally clean and organized office. Likewise, our dentist and hygienist thoroughly prepare everyday for a variety of dental procedures, ranging from routine cleanings to extensive dental restorations. Is there some way that patients can also prepare to have the best possible appointment and to help our friendly staff smile?

Tips for Your Dental Appointment

Oral Disease can take various forms, all identifiable by our Yuba City dentist.The most important thing to do is arrive on time. Besides that, here are a few other things that make dental appointments easier on you and the staff of the Yuba City Dentistry Group:

  • Brush your teeth before coming to an appointment. It’s also important to remember to floss. Starting with a “clean slate” at your cleaning and exam makes it faster and easier for our dentist and hygienist to get their job done. Be sure to tell us if you experience bleeding during brushing and flossing so we can address this at your appointment and see if it’s a result of brushing too hard, flossing incorrectly or gum disease.
  • Mouthwash is appreciated! After brushing and flossing, use mouthwash before your appointment.
  • When at the dentist, you are usually reclined in a dental chair. Our staff gets a totally different view of you than what you typically see in a mirror. So in addition to making sure your mouth is clean and fresh, nose care before a dental appointment is always appreciated.
  • Like the nose, we get up close with your ears and scalp too! Clean ears and clean hair are a definite plus.
  • Alcohol and cigarettes don’t go well with a dental visit. Dental assistants always appreciate it when our patients abstain from drinking or smoking before an appointment. Some patients might think a drink will help with anxiety, but alcohol may be harmful if it conflicts with other drugs we administer for pain management. If you are anxious before a dental exam or procedure, ask us about sleep dentistry (oral conscious sedation) for a stress free dental visit.
  • If you can’t take a shower at the gym or at home, save your workout for after your appointment. Working out involves a lot of sweat and both the next client and the dental team appreciate your consideration.
  • Lipstick looks good on you, but not on dental instruments. Remember that your lips and face will come in contact with gloves, instruments and x-ray devices. Apply your lipstick and makeup when your teeth look and feel their best — after your dental appointment.

For more ideas, read our prior article with additional tips concerning stress free dental appointments. Our Yuba City family dentist strives to provide all our patients with a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. You too can play a part. We look forward to seeing you!

Jun 21, 2018 | Dental Profession


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Dr. Cheema and staff are amazing! I cannot say enough about the office and have referred a few of my friends to him. Dr. Cheema's bedside manor is awesome and he is down to earth and carrying. His staff is awesome also to answering my questions and working around my schedule. Keep up the awesome job everyone!