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Dental Music?

It’s Music to Your Teeth!

It’s rare that you find a song that features dentistry. Granted, there are a few comedic songs and parodies that put the dental industry to music, but they seldom sing the praises of visiting the dentist. That’s fine. Humor is a good thing, and we all love to laugh. Even so, there are beneficial links between music and dentistry.

Benefits of Music in Dentistry

When particularly nervous patients visit the Yuba City Dentistry Group, they can ask to play music. We understand how music can benefit our patients. It can ease stress, improve the immune system, elevate mood and minimize pain. Studies show it helps many patients overcome dental anxiety.

You can also use music to assist your daily routine in oral hygiene. It’s important to brush our teeth twice a day for a duration of two minutes each of those times. Sometimes it’s difficult to count out two minutes while you brush. Granted, there are now electric toothbrushes that digitally let you know when two minutes have elapsed, but there’s a more entertaining way. Many songs from favorite artists span about two minutes exactly. Here are a few examples:

  • “Summertime Blues”, by Eddie Cochran
  • “All Shook Up” or “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis Presley
  • “Happy Together” by The Turtles
  • “I’m Happy Just to Dance with You” by The Beatles
  • “Fell in Love with a Girl” by The White Stripes
  • “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks
  • “Particle Man” by They Might be Giants
  • “Coincidance” by Hansom Dancer
  • “Sports Song” by “Weird Al” Yankovic

If none of these songs fit your preferred genre, that’s okay — check the duration of songs in your favorite playlist. Odds are good that you’ll find one or two that will help you keep brushing for the right amount of time.

Music is Not Just For Adults

That last suggestion brings up another subject: there are several children’s songs that discuss brushing teeth, and many of them last for two minutes. Often times, they feature celebrities like Elmo or other residents of Sesame Street, or Spongebob Squarepants, or other cartoon favorites. But they don’t have to be about dentistry. For instance, Dot Warner sings about being “Cute” for about 2 minutes.

Brushing for two minutes twice a day is the main way to make sure plaque and bacteria do not interfere with your oral health. Using music to help keep that time is an excellent tool. Using dental floss with brushing reinforces your oral hygiene, and visiting the Yuba City Dentistry Group twice a year helps to make sure your efforts are at their best. Be sure to visit us for regular checkups. You can schedule an appointment online, or by phone. We’ll help you maintain a smile that will keep you singing!



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