When You Need an Extraction

The idea of pulling a tooth is often concerning to our patients, whether they are adults or children. So here’s some information form our Yuba City family dentists to put your mind at ease if we recommend a tooth extraction as a course of treatment.

Why Tooth Extraction Is Needed

Tooth removal or extraction is seldom our first choice. We believe nothing truly replaces your original, natural tooth. Nevertheless, sometimes a tooth needs to be removed when it is incurably diseased or is traumatized by cracks or breaks. If you must have an extraction, our Yuba City dentists discuss tooth replacement options, such as implants or bridges.

Before Tooth Extraction

Our dentists make sure you understand any procedure we recommend, including the costs involved. We even give you a detailed description of exactly what we are doing as we perform the extraction, if you wish. Some patients don’t want to know and want to get the procedure done with as quickly as possible. Either way is fine with us, as long as we communicate ahead of time and discuss pain and anxiety management before the extraction. We also offer sedation, or “sleep dentistry,” to make our patients as comfortable as possible during the procedure.

After the Extraction

After the procedure, you receive after-care instructions. For example, it’s normal to experience a small amount of bleeding after removing a tooth. The empty space created by the extraction forms a blood clot to assist the mouth’s healing process, but it may bleed slightly. Avoid touching the clot or manipulating it. It needs to stay in place for the socket to heal normally. Follow these instructions to aid healing and prevent complications:

  • Do not smoke or drink through a straw for at least a week after your tooth extraction procedure.
  • Eat soft foods for as long as the dentist prescribes, usually up to two weeks. Avoid crunchy hard foods that are difficult for your sensitive mouth to chew.
  • Rinse your mouth gently. You don’t want that blood clot getting washed away!
  • Rest to assist healing! Take the day off from work or school. Take more days off if the dentist recommends it. Our dentist will write a note to give you the needed clearance with your school or employer.

After your tooth extraction procedure, you might experience swelling and discomfort. Apply a cold cloth or ice bag and call the Yuba City Dentistry Group if it doesn’t go away. Be sure to brush and floss as usual to maintain good daily oral care habits, taking extra care around the surgical site. Do not brush the blood clot!

Make Your Life Painless!

If you need a tooth extraction or oral surgery, call our Yuba City dental clinic for a free consultation. If you are in pain or it’s an emergency, do not hesitate to contact us! Toothache is usually a sign of a serious problem. Dealing with it as soon as possible, with extraction only if need be, is the best course of action.

Dec 1, 2016 | Oral Surgery, Restorations


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Dr Cheema is such a gem! He is everything a good Doctor should be. He fixed a problem another doctor had created & through all four appts, he was kind, patient, so gentle and always made sure to explain every step. I’ll never see another dentist, no one can compare!