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How Invisalign Works

InvisalignMany of our Yuba City dentistry patients are cognizant of how braces align smiles. Basically, a sequence of brackets and wires, attached to the teeth, make tension that eventually pulls teeth into their proper spot. This approach to braces was created in the 1800s and is certainly a tested process, but it is decidedly not modern.

Invisalign upgrades orthodontics into the 21st century! There are no clumsy brackets stuck to the enamel and no wires to ratchet up that often prod and puncture the gums, lips, tongue and cheek. Instead, a sequence of clear plastic aligners, also called “trays,” is created for your customized needs. Developed on a plan created by our Yuba City dentists, the aligners employ the carefully developed techniques engineered by Align Technology. These smooth, detachable aligners cover your teeth and are attached throughout the day, but you can detach them to eat and clean your teeth. They require minimal care, as every two weeks you begin wearing a new one to continue your treatment process. Each tray eventually pulls your teeth into better alignment, providing you with an orthodontic treatment process that you barely feel. Study more of our Invisalign section for information on conditions the Yuba City Dentistry Group treats with Invisalign!

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