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InvisalignThe treatments behind Invisalign were first created in 1997. After receiving FDA approval in 1998, Invisalign began assisting orthodontists to treat their patients’ smiles in 1999. Due to the “clear” benefits and upgrades over standard braces, Invisalign expanded to Europe in the following year and sold over one million patient-specific aligners by 2001. In 2003, Invisalign started becoming a standard part of dental school coursework and now has successfully improved the dental health of patients in over 50 countries around the planet. With shipments to China started in 2011, Invisalign continues to build a sizable database of information. They use these results to continually refine the aligner technology based on reports from dental practices around the world. The Yuba City Dentistry Group is happy to be one of these providers and is sure you too will enjoy being amongst the millions who have successfully repaired their teeth and smile with Invisalign!

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The staff are very Friendly and personal.they have great patient when needed. great work. My husband and my grandson and i are Always happy when we leave, we wouldn't go anywhere else. It's a pleasure to go to the dentist.