Invisalign Health Benefits

InvisalignA common question asked of our Yuba City dentists is: “Why should I try to fix my smile? I can chew just fine the way it is now!” Properly fixing teeth via orthodontics, either using traditional braces or the up-to-date Invisalign treatment process, presents many health and cosmetic improvements. When teeth are improperly aligned, also referred to as “maloccluded,” gum disease, abnormal tooth wear and even tooth loss are all possible recurring outcomes.

Why do impacted teeth lead to gum disease? When teeth are impacted or misaligned, it’s not easy to reach the gaps between the teeth. The result is often red, bleeding, irritated and swollen gums, all symptoms of bacterial infection. Besides bad breath and pain, oral infection is also linked, in experiments from the American Dental Association, to greater risks of pneumonia, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and complications during pregnancy. With correctly aligned teeth, the gums fit snugly and are easier to clean, along with the teeth. Proper daily brushing is your sole defense against bacterial infection! Beautiful, aligned teeth make the daily chore much easier and more effective.

Alongside the health improvements, the cosmetic improvements of straight teeth are also worth mentioning. With a beautiful smile, patients tend to be more confident and have better self-esteem. Being pleased with a healthier body is a known benefit of orthodontics, especially Invisalign.

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