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Digital Images

InvisalignThe standard process of designing your Invisalign treatment plan involves taking an impression of your mouth using the dental equivalent of goo that appears to combine very wet clay and Play-Doh. While the process is basic, most clients do not appreciate biting down on a container full of goop and then waiting for it to harden. Therefore, Align Technology and the Yuba City Dentistry Group administer the iTero digital scanner to ease the Invisalign planning process.

Open Wide and Take Pictures

The iTero scanner creates a group of images for each part of your mouth, saving the exact relation between your gums and teeth. These digital pictures are then employed to develop a representational 3-D image of your teeth. This digitized representation of your mouth is then uploaded to Align Technology for the production of your Invisalign treatment plan and your actual aligners. Sending the dental impression digitally saves a lot of time over mailing a plaster-like mold. Additionally, it guarantees the impressions are not destroyed during shipping or handling.

Invisalign – Easier and Faster

So add the iTero digital system to the consideration of Invisalign advantages. Not only is the Invisalign process quicker than ever before, it is also much easier to start designing the smile you have always imagined. Invisalign – it’s the clear choice with the Yuba City dentists at the Yuba City Dentistry Group!

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Had my teeth cleaned by Sabrina today. She was proactive, thorough, set my expectations, very nice, and performed a perfect cleaning, very quickly. She is very, very, good at what she d I had my first ever, root canal performed, by Dr. Sharma, and a follow up visit, for more work, and while this is certainly not an easy, quick, procedure, Dr. Sharma and her excellent Team, made sure I was comfortable, and did excellent, precise, and careful work. They insured I was as pain free as possible, and took great care of me. Dr. Sharma is very good, has nice hands, and is very kind. She and her excellent Team always explained everything and showed me many pictures and xrays before and during procedures,and set my expectations. I am very pleased with them, and will bring my family here going forward. Thank you, Dr. Sharma, and Team !