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InvisalignStarting Invisalign treatment requires an unhurried consult with your Yuba City dentist at the Yuba City Dentistry Group. Take advantage of the chance to have many of your questions answered about Invisalign repair advantages, how much it costs, applying dental insurance or flexible spending accounts, and how Invisalign is successful for the vast majority of patients.

After the client decides that the Invisalign treatment is for them, one of our Yuba City dentists makes an impression of their dentition, or utilizes the iTero scanner to make a digitized image of the teeth, gums and jaw. We additionally take photos of your “before” situation and look at the teeth and jawbones with x-rays. Detailed x-rays are an indispensable part of designing your custom Invisalign treatment plan. This material is then employed with Invisalign technology to make a digital 3D image of your mouth and a therapy plan. You see in advance how your teeth will appear at the completion of the process and we can predict the length of time necessary to finish your therapy.

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