How to Use Perio Protect

Perio ProtectMuch like a customized mouthguard or teeth whitening tray, Perio Protect employs a mold of your teeth to create oral trays just for you. Every day, for only a few minutes each day, you add prescribed medicine to the trays and then place them on your teeth. The fit is excellent, so you may go about your usual daily activities until the required amount of application time is finished. Patients watch TV, read, do chores or exercise while they wait for the time period to elapse. Afterwards, simply take out and sanitize the trays while enjoying the benefits of much better dental wellness!

For more information about how Perio Protect helps cure your bothersome difficulties with periodontitis and its symptoms, such as bad breath, excessive tartar or plaque, and bleeding gums, schedule an appointment with a Yuba City dentist at the Yuba City Dentistry Group now!

“I just got back from the periodontist and he was amazed and wanted to know what I had done to correct the condition. I told him about using the Perio Protect system. He told me that my condition is great. He said he wouldn’t need to see me for a year and then only for a check up!” — a happy user of the Perio Protect system

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