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Perio Protect

Perio ProtectPerio Protect is the latest device added to our Yuba City dentists’ group of techniques to employ battling gum disease. What’s more, it’s comfortable to wear, has at-home convenience and is so easy to use that dentists and periodontists nationwide are making it the dental repair of choice for patients who fear the dental office or don’t like dental treatments. When you employ Perio Protect, you destroy oral microorganisms with almost no work and heal your gums of all varieties of gum disease. While organizations like the American Dental Association advise root scalings as the best repair for gum disease, techniques like Perio Protect are suggested as an easily employed form of adjunct treatment. Find out more regarding Perio Protect as an excellent gum disease repair within this section of our site.

“I think this tool is as powerful as the toothbrush.” – Bruce Cochrane, periodontist

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I was very nervous on going under to get my wisdom teeth out, but the nurse and doctor made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. Even had a blanket. Then They wheeled me out to the car. Just very professional and kind.