Why Use Perio Protect

Perio ProtectThe studies concerning periodontitis, commonly called gum disease, speak for themselves. Half the United States suffers from gum disease, but it is far more commonplace in specific demographic groups. At the Yuba City Dentistry Group, we diagnose periodontitis and gingivitis every day. Perio Protect exists because dentists saw the need to overcome this threat to public health, as gum disease is linked to arterial problems, diabetes and quick births. Our Yuba City dentists fully embrace Perio Protect. We believe it comes with excellent benefits for our clients suffering from periodontitis.

Perio Protect works because it deals with a simple point of our oral anatomy. Our Yuba City dentists can apply medications to your gums to destroy dental biofilm and organisms, both in our Yuba City dental office and you can do the same at home. The gum pockets, however, are constantly flushed by “crevicular flow,” a fluid created by the gums that only increases when organisms, dental biofilm and material intrude underneath them. Albeit crevicular flow cannot get rid of gum disease by itself, it does flush away the very medications our dentists apply to eradicate it.

Enter the Perio Protect treatment system. The shape of the perio tray applies a pharmaceutical to your gum pockets and then holds it there against the wash of crevicular flow. The result is a reduction in oral bacteria growth and the size of the gum pockets. This means less treatment is required in the dental practice and your dental health is much better.

Perio Protect — effective, simple and painless, it is quickly becoming the favored treatment for gum disease around the United States. If you have persistent gum difficulties that resist standard dental treatments, please visit the Yuba City Dentistry Group for a consultation ASAP!

“One out of every two American adults aged 30 and over has periodontal disease.” —   American Academy of Periodontology

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This office is the only dentist I've been to that actually listened to me when I said I wasn't numb yet and gave me as many shots and took as much time as needed for me to actually be numb. The staff are all super friendly as well!