Caring for Dentures

The first step in caring for dentures is actually learning how to wear them properly. Getting used to new dentures requires a few weeks. With time, the tongue and cheek muscles adjust to the new appliance and help you become proficient in their use. Soon, customers are appreciating their new smile, enjoying their full vocal range and eating well. A few adjustments by your Yuba City dentist during this initial period secures your dentures’ usefulness.

The second step in caring for the dentures includes keeping them clean, just like actual teeth. Each day they should be taken off and cleaned with a soft toothbrush. Additionally, to keep your mouth healthy, your gums, palate and tongue should be brushed and cleaned daily. These routines are essential! If you find the dentures slippery, it helps to set them on a towel while you clean them. Always take great care to not drop the dentures! Falls onto the counter or the floor might break the denture, requiring a repair.

Multitudes are served by the benefits of dentures. Dentistry has made these tools into one of the most helpful and esthetic dental appliances ever designed. Let the Yuba City Dentistry Group demonstrate the benefits of a conventional or immediate denture for your well-being and smile at our comfortable dental office in Yuba City.

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