OAT with Implants

OAT with ImplantsIf you suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea, your dentist or physician may recommend using oral appliance therapy (OAT). If you happen to wear dentures that attach to dental implants, this treatment is even easier to implement and potentially more effective.

How It Works

Sleep apnea is a disorder affecting millions of Americans. Among these are a number of elderly patients who already use dentures that attach to dental implants.

If this is your situation, using OAT begins with removing your dentures at night before bed like usual. Now, you can secure a prescribed oral appliance to your implants. The implants keep the device secure and will help keep your airway clear and free from obstruction.

If you have dentures with implants, OAT is a great way to maximize your investment and address your sleep apnea, leading to elimination of snoring, better sleep (for you and your partner), and the obvious benefits that result.

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