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Lost a Crown or Filling?

Dental crowns and fillings are made to last a long time, but sometimes they fail, causing a surprising and stressful situation. If this happens, our Yuba City dentist is available to replace dental restorations, but it’s not always an emergency. What should you do if you lose a filling or crown? Don’t panic! Stay calm and call the Yuba City Dentistry Group.

If possible, find and keep the crown, inlay or overlay as soon as it falls out. Our dental professionals might be able to reuse it and save you money. If you lose a filling, protect the affected tooth by not chewing on that side of your mouth. It may be especially sensitive, so avoid hard foods and icy or hot beverages. Fillings that fall out are usually old and needed replacement anyway, however the Yuba City Dentistry Group does it’s best to prevent this from happening by recommending old silver fillings be replaced when you visit for your routine exam and cleaning.

So, when you lose a crown or filling, here are the steps to take for quick reference:

  • Call the Yuba City Dentistry Group to make an appointment as soon as possible.
  • Keep the crown in a small container or other safe, clean place to bring with you.
  • Reduce pain with a dental toothache reducer, if needed. Follow the instructions and apply it to with a cotton swab on the tooth. Clove oil also helps to reduce pain until the tooth is repaired. Clove oil is available at many natural food stores, drugstores and pharmacies.
  • Dental cement, like the brand Dentemp, may be used if you cannot see us right away (think backpacking trip) and may be purchased at the drug store. This is not a permanent solution, but will protect your tooth until you can be seen. Dental cement will hold your tooth together and protect it.
  • Despite articles and videos on the Internet, never “super” glue a crown! Ordinary glue is not a safe way to “fix” dental restorations, as these glues are not meant for oral use.

Once you see us, you’ll get the relief you need quickly and efficiently. The Yuba City Dentistry Group is ready to help, emergency or not, to give you the best dental care.

Mar 22, 2018 | Restorations


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Amazing Staff an the experience was great. I look forward to my follow up appointment.