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Eggnog is one of the typical holiday treats that may pack a sugary "punch."

Healthy Holiday Teeth

A healthy smile should always be at the top of your wish list.” — Academy of General Dentistry Holidays usually lead to lots of treats and plenty of special drink from eggnog to champagne. Since family gatherings and back and forth parties with friends can last...

A stack of bills and a dental instrument represent the costs of dental care.

Talk About Dental Costs

Need Dentistry Be Expensive? A common dental patient complaint is the occasionally high cost of dental care. Examine any Internet review site and you will find angry reviews that factor on the cost of treatment. Our Yuba City dentists understand these concerns and would like to...

Car maintenance is needed regularly. Dental maintenance is the same.

Maintenance Equals Longevity

How to Keep Your Teeth Dentists are fond of saying, “Brush only the teeth you want to keep.” The saying is true because our Yuba City dentists know that healthy teeth can last for a lifetime. Daily brushing and flossing at home is the foundation for...