Maintenance Equals Longevity

How to Keep Your Teeth

Dentists are fond of saying, “Brush only the teeth you want to keep.” The saying is true because our Yuba City dentists know that healthy teeth can last for a lifetime. Daily brushing and flossing at home is the foundation for an everlasting smile. Without this daily maintenance, the risk of complications from cavities and decay generally leads to pain and dental bills that could have been avoided.

Do You Maintain Your Car?

Many of us know the importance of performing routine maintenance on our cars at specific times to keep them running smoothly. Keeping our car in good shape enables us to drive without worry of breakdowns or accidents. Our teeth are the same — they are only as strong and reliable as the care they are given. Combined with your personal routine, regular checkups at the Yuba City Dentistry Group handle issues that go beyond at-home care. Failure to visit the dentist regularly is a major reason why patients go from minor issues, like excess plaque or minor gum disease, to major issues like cavities, root canals and tooth replacement.

Why Visit the Dentist Regularly

Oral bacteria are persistent, fast growing and refuse to take vacations. Brushing and flossing your teeth each day, twice a day, keeps plaque and tartar in check by slowing bacteria down. Visiting every six months for a cleaning rids your mouth of built up plaque and tartar that toothbrushes and rinses just cannot remove. Without these cleanings, tartar irritates the gums and promotes gum disease, tissue recession and tooth decay. With your cleanings, it’s possible to go for years without a single cavity. Some people actually live their entire life without any tooth decay due to regular dental maintenance.

A Dental Reboot

When you visit our Yuba City dentists and hygienists on your semi-annual trip, the examination and cleaning includes the following procedures to keep your mouth healthy:

  • Screening for oral cancer,
  • Check for tooth decay or gingivitis,
  • Plaque and tartar removal,
  • Polish the teeth to fight staining of the enamel.

Many people ask how they can spend less money on dental procedures. The answer is this: to save yourself some money and additional trips to the dentist, care for yourself daily and visit your Yuba City dentist regularly! It’s the only way to have a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime!

Jun 23, 2016 | Oral Health


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