Fear The Dental Chair?

“Nothing to Fear, But Fear Itself”

Our Yuba City dentists know that many of our patients would rather not see us, even if it is just for a check-up and exam. Some patients might even call the dental chair “torture.” Fears about dentists are real — the idea of sitting in a chair with your mouth open while listening to instruments scraping or drilling is no one’s idea of fun. For others, no amount of painkillers or reassurance seems to work to calm fears. If any of this describes your feelings, the Yuba City Dentistry Group has a solution called “oral conscious sedation,” or sleep dentistry.

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry was developed as a way to help patients cope with fear of the dental chair. When patients avoid visiting the dentist regularly, the results are never good. Staying away from the dentist results in uncontrolled decay, gum disease, preventable toothaches and tooth loss. Patients that avoid dentists tend to spend much more intensive amounts of time with them to fix serious problems!

Our Yuba City oral sedation experts are here to help! We fully explain any procedure and answer questions to establish trust and allay fears about any dental procedure. With oral conscious sedation, our dentist administers a strong oral sedative, in pill or liquid form, before the procedure. Technically you are awake, but you have no recollection of the entire dental procedure. This means no anxiety or stress! We carefully monitor our patients and follow all of the necessary pain management and ethical protocols during treatment, so when you wake up, you feel like a well-cared for client, ready to go home and recover. From dental cleanings to tooth extractions, sleep dentistry is an effective way to treat patients with dental anxiety while caring for their emotional and dental needs.

Can I Try Sleep Dentistry?

Our dentists can use sedation dentistry with almost any patient! Let our staff know ahead of time that you want to try oral conscious sedation and we’ll be prepared for you. The cost is minimal compared to the expense of avoiding the dentist! For more information about sleep dentistry, contact us via our website, by phone or stop at our convenient Yuba City location. We look forward to making you as comfortable as possible!

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Dec 15, 2016 | Dental Profession


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