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Orthodontics or Veneers

Overcome Dental Anxiety

Many of our Yuba City and Marysville dental patients experience some form of dental anxiety and this is completely normal. However, some patients put off dental care reasoning, “No pain, no problem.” Is this really true when it comes to dental care? While it's true that...

Sedation Dentistry

Fear The Dental Chair?

"Nothing to Fear, But Fear Itself" Our Yuba City dentists know that many of our patients would rather not see us, even if it is just for a check-up and exam. Some patients might even call the dental chair “torture.” Fears about dentists are real —...

Tips to Keep Your Teeth

Start Here to Keep Your Teeth

Oral health is very important, so important in fact that dental professionals can tell a lot about a person's overall wellness and lifestyle just by looking in their mouth. The dentists at the Yuba City Dental Group also believe in the old adage, “You get...