Your Role in Efficient and Effective Visits

As an essential business, the Yuba City Dentistry Group is ready and available to make sure your mouth, teeth and gums are clean and healthy. Nevertheless, many people still find creative ways to back out of dental visits. If this describes you, remember that your dental health never stops being vitally important to your overall health. So, here are a few ideas to help make your visit to the dentist simple, effective, and efficient.

Keep your Scheduled Appointment

To apply social distancing rules, the staff in the office may be limited to those needed to fulfill scheduled appointments. If appointments are not kept, then people are coming to work unnecessarily. If you have an appointment, please come in and let us make sure your teeth are healthy and clean. If you cannot make it at the scheduled time, please call us beforehand (24 hours or more ahead is best). We will reschedule your appointment.

Granted, time and unforeseen occurrence might require an appointment to be rescheduled unexpectedly. If you are feeling sick in any way, or short of breath with a fever, then please do not come to your appointment. Simply let us know you are not well. And contact your family health practitioner for a visit with them! We will call to see how you are doing after a week or two, and can reschedule your appointment at that time.

Be Honest With Our Team

When we ask a patient if they brush and floss regularly, they often automatically reply “Yes.” You might think that “regularly” brushing once a week, or once a day, is enough to give an affirmative answer. Please keep in mind that the Yuba City Dentistry Group helps our patients reach and maintain optimal oral health. To do that, we need to know the facts so we can assess the situation properly and provide appropriate care. Avoid lengthening your visit unnecessarily, or having to come back with a more serious issue, by being honest and providing accurate information.

Clear Communication is Important

Sometimes there is a place for a simple yes or no answer, but in many cases, fine details lead to proper care. Be clear when expressing your concerns or answering clarifying questions. If we ask if any of your teeth hurt, and you say “No, not really,” despite that one molar that’s always painful when you drink hot or cold beverages, the standard for clear communication is not being met. You may not want to find out that the pain comes from a cavity, or a cracked tooth, but letting a problem fester never fixes it.

Another aspect of clear communication is to let us know about your level of anxiety. Depending on your discomfort with the dental chair, we can offer sedation or anti-anxiety medications. Let us know of any regular medications you take, so we provide you with the best pharmaceutical option for dealing with pain and anxiety.

At the Yuba City Dentistry Group, we look forward to your oral care. Especially during the present unusual situations, keeping up a good routine helps all of us maintain reassuring structure in our lives. Make sure you brush twice a day, floss, and see the Yuba City Dentistry Group twice a year. It doesn’t have to be a long visit, and it won’t be uncomfortable, but it will always be needed, and we’ll make it as efficient and effective as possible.



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Cindy Pearson

I had always had great teeth until I developed gum disease. I had not had any dental procedures & being high anxiety I was scared more than you could know. Dr Cheema from the beginning was very kind & put me at ease. Day of the procedure I had been prescribed meds including something to put me at ease. I was put ton sleep & woke to new teeth. I'm still healing and as I do I get adjustments so my denture will be perfect by the time I fin8sh healing. I completely & highly recommend the people here. From my dentist to his support team, you will feel like family.