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Super Glue and Crowns

Super Glues and Crowns

Don't Create a Sticky Situation! Today’s American lifestyles and diet choices are often dangerous for your teeth. Perhaps you have already experienced a compromised tooth from diet, sports, work, or a neglected routine in oral hygiene. A common way to restore a severely damaged tooth to...

Learn the truth about toothache and tooth loss.

Do You Have Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

Our jaws exert a huge amount of force on our teeth and they're designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear. But instead of successfully facing these demands throughout the day, your teeth might have tiny cracks, putting you at risk for a broken...

Root Canal Therapy is essential for preserving diseased teeth.

Root Canal Therapy to the Rescue!

Our Yuba City family dentists believe that a patient’s natural teeth are always worth saving whenever possible. Even the best technology cannot replace the synergetic support that the teeth provide the jawbone and vice versa. So when one of your teeth becomes seriously infected, the...