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Dental Drill Appreciation Day

Believe it or not, January 26th is Dental Drill Appreciation Day. For many, the idea of appreciating a dental drill is unbelievable. Nevertheless, as a nod to this day, the Yuba City Dentistry Group shares some fun facts about this valuable, yet sometimes dreaded, tool.

Drilling For Good Results

Dental drills are multipurpose tools used to protect teeth. To prepare teeth for fillings, we must use the drill to remove existing decay, making sure the filling is successful and lasts a long time.

Teeth that require crowns or other restorations need to be shaped so the cap (crown) fits well and doesn’t pop off. The drill may also be used to remove old crowns and fillings that need replacing.

Dental drills may be small, but they’re powerful! Made of tungsten carbide with heads containing diamond for extra strength, dental drills rotate at speeds up to 400,000 rpm!

Dental drills have come a long way from the days when they might be turned by a foot pedal. In fact, some enterprising dental researchers have made it their life’s work (Do they also hate the drill?) to improve dental drills or get rid of them all together. Drills might be replaced with lasers or powerful air jets. Research continues, and our Yuba City dental professionals keep up to date on advancements in dental technology to assist our patients.

It’s hard enough to relax in a dental chair, and a dental drill whirring and whizzing makes it even harder. Therefore, researchers have also made improvements to the drill, making it as quiet as possible.

Brush your teeth twice daily at a minimum.

Using your toothbrush regularly with fluoride toothpaste helps to keep away the celebrated dental drill.

How to Avoid the Drill

By practicing good dental hygiene, you won’t need the drill! Contact us today to maintain your dental health and keep the drill away! And despite the fears regarding dental drills, never forget that this tool is far superior to the old alternatives.


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