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Common Questions Explained by the Yuba City Dentistry Group

It’s likely you have many questions if our Yuba City dental professionals have recommended oral surgery. We understand — few patients like to hear that they need more time in a dental chair, especially when recovery is involved. Rest assured, our Yuba City dentist takes good care of patients who require oral surgery and is here to answer all your concerns and questions!  Read on to learn what to expect and some answers to commonly asked questions many patients have when they are considering oral surgery.

Why is tooth extraction necessary?

A tooth is extracted, or removed, because it cannot be saved by other means. The severity of disease, trauma, or impaction may require a tooth to be surgically removed. The Yuba City Dentistry Group does not perform extractions or oral surgery without good cause and we carefully consider each patient’s dental history and case before recommending it. Preserving your natural teeth is our priority and we do so if possible.

Impacted wisdom teeth are one of the most common reasons our Yuba City family dentist recommends oral surgery. If they have not fully erupted by a certain age, they likely never will. Many people have their wisdom teeth removed as teenagers or young adults, because regular dental visits and x-rays have identified potential complications early, before they cause bigger problems. However, not all people need their wisdom teeth removed. Some patients jaws are large enough and their wisdom teeth will erupt normally without crowding the rest of their teeth.

How long does it take to recover from oral surgery?

This depends on the problem and kind of oral surgery used to treat it. During your initial consultation, our dentist is better able to determine how long it should take to recover, based on your overall health and lifestyle. Habits such as smoking and tobacco use inhibit healing and increase the risk of infection.
Wisdom teeth extraction usually takes a few days to one week for the pain and swelling to diminish. Dental implant procedures also require healing time that varies from patient to patient, based on the type of procedure performed.

After any oral surgery, our dentist always recommends a soft diet and provides specific after care instructions, such as how to deal with pain and swelling. Extra rest is also prescribed and our dentist is happy to provide a note stating so if school or work requires one.

What kind of sedation and anesthesia are available at the Yuba City Dentistry Group?

Our dentist will answer your questions and provide a detailed description of your treatment plan and pain management options before any kind of oral procedure is begun. We provide oral conscious sedation to manage discomfort and anxiety, as well as what’s commonly known as laughing gas. Parents may be especially concerned about sedation during oral surgery, so our dental professionals are ready to discuss your concerns in detail and answer any questions you have.

For more questions about oral surgery or other dental issues, call our Yuba City dental experts for a consultation and exam to get the answers you seek. Your dental health and comfort is our main concern!


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