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Caring for Dentures

How To Control Plaque And Tartar

How do you prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease? By keeping plaque and tartar in check! With regular oral care it is easy to make sure plaque and tartar do not build up, preventing gum disease from ever starting. What's the Difference Between Plaque and Tartar? Many people...

TMJ Disorders

Oral Abscess Upset

Detecting and Eliminating Oral Abscesses An oral abscess is a painful condition that requires prompt treatment from our Yuba City dental clinic. When a person has an oral abscess, a pocket of pus develops in infected gum tissue and causes swelling and pain. Left untreated, it...

Preventing Gum Disease

Control Plaque and Tartar

Something lurks inside your mouth, waiting to take advantage of a skipped round of flossing, or an ignored toothbrush. What is it? It’s bacteria, silently making plaque and tartar. When enough of this goo and hard gunk accumulates along your gumline, the result is gum...