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How To Control Plaque And Tartar

How do you prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease? By keeping plaque and tartar in check! With regular oral care it is easy to make sure plaque and tartar do not build up, preventing gum disease from ever starting.

What’s the Difference Between Plaque and Tartar?

Many people think plaque and tartar are the same thing, but this isn’t the case. Plaque is a slimy build up of bacteria. It begins growing shortly after you’re done brushing your teeth. (This is why it’s so important to brush and floss at least twice daily.) Tartar is a hard substance that is created when leftover plaque and saliva mix together. Tartar takes more time to develop and is harder to remove. Regular professional dental cleanings every six months at the Yuba City Dentistry Group removes built up tartar deposits to prevent gum recession.

Toothpaste Matters

The kind of toothpaste you choose matters if you want to control plaque and tartar. For effective daily control, use toothpaste containing pyrophosphates. These form a protective barrier around teeth to block tartar from building up. Toothpastes that say “tartar control” usually have pyrophosphates.

But My Gums Bleed Already

If you already have red, swollen, bleeding or painful gums, this means that plaque and tartar have already started their dirty work! These symptoms of gum disease are completely reversible if caught early and treated with with expert intervention by our Yuba City dentist. Bleeding or painful gums is not normal, so contact the Yuba City Dental Group for an examination today and stop gum disease!

Oct 5, 2017 | Oral Health


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