Oral Abscess Upset

Detecting and Eliminating Oral Abscesses

An oral abscess is a painful condition that requires prompt treatment from our Yuba City dental clinic. When a person has an oral abscess, a pocket of pus develops in infected gum tissue and causes swelling and pain. Left untreated, it can destroy bone tissue or dangerously rupture!

Symptoms of Oral Abscess

Constant throbbing, pain, sensitivity to heat or cold, and painful chewing are abscess warning signs. It might be easy to ignore at the beginning, but popping pain pills to “make it go away” only lets the abscess get worse. Sudden onset of these symptoms is your body’s way of telling you to make an immediate appointment with our Yuba City dentist, even if it’s an emergency! Your body is working hard to fight infection, so you may also experience swollen lymph nodes or fever.

How to Cure an Abscess

If you suspect you have a dental abscess, our experienced dentist examines the area where you are have pain and discomfort. Gently pressing on the swollen spot determines if the infected gum tissue is still alive. We also perform x-rays to check for erosion around the tooth root or in the jaw. At this point, draining the abscess will relieve pain and may save teeth and solve much of the problem. If the infection is judged severe, our dentist prescribes antibiotics to prevent reinfection.

Sometimes an abscess may affect a tooth’s stability and a root canal procedure is typically recommended to save the tooth. Immediate treatment by our Yuba City dental office significantly increases the chance of saving your teeth and avoiding more serious dental procedures. If you are experiencing pain and suspect you have an oral abscess, contact us immediately to receive treatment and experience pain relief!


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