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Diabetes, a disorder affecting blood sugar levels, increases the severity of gum disease, and vice versa.

Be Sweet On Your Teeth, Not on Sugar!

Sugar — it's delicious, sweet and some would even say “toothsome,” because it makes foods taste good, yet beware! Sweet treats may taste divine, but the results can create a lot of grief! How can you save your teeth from the disastrous effects of sugar...

Gum Disease Description

Root Cavities and Gum Disease

Many of our Yuba City dental patients unfortunately have gum disease. This problem is not just limited to our practice and clients, for it is a common problem throughout the United States. This poses definite difficulties because gum disease leads to gum recession, and gum...

An image of an amalgam filling represents the question of whether these should be replaced.

Should You Replace Your Fillings?

The Yuba City Dentistry Group works hard to provide excellent dental care that is up to date with modern dental procedures. For example, it is now common practice to replace worn amalgam fillings with tooth-colored composite fillings instead. Why do our Yuba City family dentists...