COVID and Oral Health

The American Association of Endodontists in Chicago recently produced a survey that focused on the effects of COVID-19 restrictions and dental care for the average American. The results show a significant reduction in general oral health practices. Results of the survey include:

  • 31% of individuals were snacking more on sweets.
  • 25% reported that they delayed in brushing their teeth until later in the morning, while 21% did not brush at all.
  • 28% forgot to schedule their regular dental visits, or they didn’t schedule a visit at all.
  • 24% reduced how often they flossed, and 23% said they weren’t flossing.
  • 43% of Millennials said the disruptions in their lives by COVID restrictions led to disruptions in their dental hygiene routine.

Despite the reduction in proper oral care at home, the indications show that the public still knew who to turn to if serious dental issues developed. 60% of those surveyed said that they would still make a dental appointment if they experienced tooth pain that wouldn’t go away. 75% preferred a root canal procedure over dental extraction.

Even before the pandemic, the Yuba City Dentistry Group regularly observed sanitation and health procedures for the safety of our patients and staff. Even during the heaviest lockdown times of the pandemic, the Yuba City Dentistry Group was ready and waiting to meet our patients at the office for any necessary dental procedures. And we’re still happy to do so now. By seeing your dentist regularly or for any oral discomfort, you can keep the emergency rooms clear for those with things like broken bones, abdominal pain, severe lacerations, or COVID.

Opening the Door to Dentistry

With the recent rollout of vaccines to keep us safe from COVID-19, many authorities are loosening the grip on safety restrictions. Whether you are one of those individuals who held off on visiting the dentist during the pandemic or not, take the opportunity to make an appointment with the Yuba City Dentistry Group. Let’s keep your teeth in great shape by examining how they’ve fared during this past year. If your teeth need a little TLC or your teeth-brushing habits need a brush-up, we’re happy to support you in getting your oral hygiene back to optimal. Please fill out our online form or give our office a call to schedule an appointment. No need for your teeth to become just another statistic.


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