Are You Feeling Lucky?

If You Think Fate Affects Oral Health, You’re Getting Punked!

A recent study in Europe shows that people who believe their life is affected by luck are more likely to have severe gum disease. People who believe that their own actions are the major factor in life outcomes are more likely to have good oral health. Lead scientist Dr. Sebastian Jungo of the University of Paris said this: “The findings suggest that [patients who believe in luck] may need encouragement to consider periodontitis a manageable disease.”

To conduct the study, the researchers took a large group of people, collected data about their lifestyle, and questioned them about their viewpoints on life and the world around them. Specifically, they wanted to know if the individual believed they were primarily in control of their life, or whether outside forces controlled much of what happened to them on a regular basis. Dr. Jungo explained it as depending on whether they had an internal or external locus of control, stating: “Locus of control is the extent to which people believe that the outcomes of life events are due to their own actions (internal locus of control) or factors over which they have little influence (external locus of control). For example, students who fail an exam more readily attribute the result to an outside cause (e.g. difficult exam, bad luck) if they have an external locus of control but to their own mistakes or lack of work if they have an internal locus of control.”

Based on classifying people in this manner, with either an external or internal locus of control, they found that believers in luck were more likely to have more gum disease, fewer teeth, and more depression, in comparison with people who thought they were in control of their own lives. In effect, it can be compared to believing that wearing a seatbelt can protect you, or thinking that only luck determines whether or not you survive an accident. If you believe that you can maintain your oral health with regular hygiene practices, then you are also more likely to brush and floss your teeth.

Therefore, we encourage all of your Yuba City dental patients to remember that you are in charge of your own oral health! If you brush your teeth twice a day, make sure to floss at least once a day, and visit the Yuba City Dental Group at least twice a year, you have a very good chance of keeping all of your teeth for life. If you ignore the toothbrush, if you seldom floss, and if dental visits are as rare as flying pigs, you are likely to have bad gums and lose some teeth. Trust us when we say, you can bet on it! Contact us by phone or online to schedule your dental visit.


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