Genes and Your Oral Health

Which dental traits and problems have you inherited from your parents? While no one is absolutely fated to have good or bad oral health, dentists have long noticed complications experienced by multiple generations of one family. In many cases, this is simply the passing on of bad habits, such as eating excessive candy and sweets and drinking lots of soda or sweet teas. Still, there are decided disadvantages due to certain genes, and our Yuba City family dentists mention here a few conditions that are backed by research.

Cavities and Genetics

One specific gene, DEFB1, is responsible for some of the body’s defense against bacteria. It has three different variations. With one, there is a higher risk of tooth decay in the permanent teeth. It is especially important for teens and adults with a higher risk from this gene to follow a good daily oral hygiene routine that includes brushing and flossing. Along with good at-home habits, it is also important to visit our Yuba City dentists for more frequent cleanings to keep plaque-causing bacteria under control to avoid periodontal disease. For those with a very high risk, dentists may recommend prescription toothpaste and mouthwash to keep gum disease away and prevent tooth loss.

Gum Disease and Genetics

Studies have shown that up to 30% of people might have a predisposition for periodontitis, or severe gum disease. Periodontitis is 100% preventable with good oral care and regular dental visits! If you experience bleeding, red or sore gums, seek help from the Yuba City Dentistry Group as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and prevention of gum disease lowers the risk of tooth and bone loss. It also saves money on dental costs from added complications.

Misaligned Teeth

If someone in your family needs bite correction or orthodontics, others in your family likely need it as well. Misaligned teeth, crowding, overbites and gaps are correctable with braces or Invisalign, but do not wait too long to get orthodontic treatment! Younger patients require far less time for treatment than adults, since their jaws are still developing and amenable to adjustment.

The Yuba City Dentistry Group treats a wide variety of dental care needs and conditions. Whether it’s routine cleanings and exams, oral surgery or orthodontic treatment, we provide all patients with the highest quality care possible at our convenient Yuba City location. Call us today for an appointment or consultation and we’ll help you fight a fateful family history!

Jul 6, 2017 | Oral Health


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